The Canton Palace Theatre

International Film Festival

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The First Annual Canton Palace International Film Festival will take place

October 7-10 at the Historic Palace Theatre in Canton, Ohio (built in 1926).  


The Theatre was designed by the noted Austrian born architect John Eberson of Chicago, who achieved fame during the 1920s through his creation of a hundred "atmospheric" theatres located in cities across the United States. The Palace seeks to re-create a Spanish courtyard on a midsummer night. Its ceiling, a starry sky with wisps of clouds, creates a dream effect. The Palace still has our original cloud machine that makes the clouds continuously march across the sky.  


It is one of twelve HIstoric Eberson theatres still left in the country.

The Film Festival seeks to support the theatre in it's rich film tradition.





Support one of the nation's few atmospheric theatres left

The festival seeks to provide a forum for screening innovative independent films of all genres and formats.


We will be offering an educational forum as well by providing workshops and symposiums with notable filmmakers.


For more details on submission description and guidelines - go to the "About the Festival" page.

Screen your film in this beautiful historic theatre . . .

hall interior

Over 100 films

from around the world!

October 7-10, 2010